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Dear Valued Taxpayers,

1. We would like to inform you that GSTN has onboarded four new IRPs (Invoice Reporting Portals) for reporting e-invoices in addition to NIC-IRP. As a result, the beta launch of a new e-Invoice portal (www.einvoice.gst.gov.in), has been done where taxpayers can find comprehensive information on e-invoice compliance in a user-friendly format, such as check your enablement status, self-enable themselves for invoicing, search for IRNs, web links to all IRP portals – all the relevant links/information in one convenient location. Taxpayers can log in to the new e-invoice portal using their GSTN credentials for select services pertaining to their GSTIN profiles.

2. Taxpayers may note that the portal <einvoice.gst.gov.in> is a reference site for all masters (data), news and updates, the latest releases, etc. For registering e-invoices and accessing APIs, you still need to go to <einvoiceX.gst.gov.in> sites. The URLs of IRPs sites authorized to generate IRNs as of date are as follows:

URLURL Activation Status
<einvoice3.gst.gov.in>Shall be available soon
<einvoice4.gst.gov.in>Shall be available soon
<einvoice6.gst.gov.in>Shall be available soon

Also, at the helpdesk for e-invoice issues, supporting the taxpayers vis-a-vis IRP issues is available at our Grievance Redressal Portal <selfservice.gstsystem.in> where the relevant IRP can be selected using the dropdown created for each of the private IRP.

3. Please note that taxpayers can continue to report e-invoices on the NIC IRP portal <einvoice1.gst.gov.in> as previously.

4. GSTN is committed to making your compliance journey as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Thanking You,