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NOTIFICATION G.S.R. 03(E) .No. 1/14/2018-PM (Part)

New Delhi, the 2nd January 2023

G.S.R. 03(E).—In exercise of the powers conferred by section 30 of the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956 (42 of 1956), the Central Government hereby makes the following rules further to amend the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Rules, 1957, namely:—

1. Short title and commencement. –(1) These rules may be called the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Amendment Rules, 2022.

(2) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.

2. In the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Rules, 1957 (hereinafter referred to as said rules), in rule 2, for clause (c), the following clause shall be substituted, namely,-

‘(c) “Government company” means a Government company as defined in clause 45 of section 2 of the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013);’.

3. In the said rules, in rule 19A, for sub-rule (6), the following sub-rule shall be substituted, namely,-

“(6) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rules (1) to (5), the Central Government may, in the public interest, exempt any listed entity in which the Central Government or State Government or public sector company, either individually or in any combination with other, hold directly or indirectly, majority of the shares or voting rights or control of the such listed entity, from any or all of the provisions of this rule.

Explanation. –For the purposes of this rule, the exemption shall continue to be valid for the period specified therein, irrespective of any change in control of such listed entity subsequent to issuance of such exemption.”.

[F.No. 1/14/2018-PM (Part)]

SURBHI JAIN, Jt. Secy.(Financial Markets)

Note: The principal rules were published in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II, Section 3 vide number S.R.O. 576, dated the 21st February 1957 and subsequently amended vide numbers as under:

(1) G.S.R 1096, dated the 14th July, 1967;   

(2) G.S.R. 685, dated the 3rd June, 1972;

(3) G.S.R. 959, dated the 8th August, 1972;

(4) G.S.R. 2641, dated the 1st November, 1975;  

(5) G.S.R. 1083, dated the 11th November, 1985;

(6) G.S.R. 666(E), dated the 20th July, 1987;

(7) G.S.R. 1070(E), dated the 15th November, 1988;   

(8) G.S.R. 870(E), dated the 13th November, 1992; 

(9) G.S.R. 617(E), dated the 20th September, 1993 

(10) G.S.R. 749(E), dated the 12th October, 1994;

(11) G.S.R. 790(E), dated the 7th November, 1994; 

(12) G.S.R. 121(E), dated the 9th March, 1995;

(13)G.S.R.291(E), dated the 27th March, 1995;  

(14) G.S.R. 581(E), dated the 23rd December, 1996;

(15) G.S.R. 654(E), dated the 8th August, 2000;

(16) G.S.R. 655(E), dated the 8th August, 2000;

(17) G.S.R. 415(E), dated the 7th June, 2001;

(18) G.S.R. 696(E), dated the 28th August, 2003;

(19) G.S.R. 395(E), dated the 10th June, 2009;

(20) G.S.R. 469(E), dated the 4th June, 2010;

(21) G.S.R. 662(E), dated the 9th August, 2010;

(22) G.S.R.705 (E), dated the 25th October, 2013;

(23) G.S.R. 21(E), dated the 16th January, 2014;

(24) G.S.R.611 (E), dated the 22nd August, 2014;

(25)G.S.R.682 (E), dated the 22ndSeptember, 2014;

(26) GSR. 819(E), dated the 19th November, 2014;

(27) G.S.R. 125(E), dated the 26th February, 2015;

(28) G.S.R. 268(E), dated the 20th March, 2017;

(29) G.S.R. 664(E), dated the 28th June, 2017;

(30) G.S.R. 822(E), dated the 3rd July, 2017;

(31) G.S.R 675(E), dated the 25th July, 2018;

(32) G.S.R. 738(E), dated the 3rd August, 2018;

(33) G.S.R. 189(E), dated the 19th March, 2020,

(34) G.S.R. 485(E), dated the 31st July, 2020,

(35) G.S.R. 423 (E), dated the 19th of June 2021, and (36) G.S.R. 520 (E), dated the 30th of July 2021.